Monday, July 03, 2006

Moving from Potty Chair to Adult Toilet

Many parents are concerned about using a potty chair to potty train their child because they're worried that the transition to the adult toilet will be too hard for the child. There isn't a need to fear because it doesn't have to be hard and it can be a smooth transition.

One very important thing to know is that you shouldn't rush the transition. Start with just having the child use the adult toilet every once in awhile. If you have several bathrooms in your home, only have a potty chair in one of the bathrooms and make it the bathroom that your child doesn't bathe in. When it's time for a bath have your child go on the adult toilet before getting into the tub.

If your child has fears, be sure to talk about them. Try turning your child backwards on the toilet or get down to his level and hold him.

Be sure to help teach your child learn how to climb up onto the toilet and how to hold on. Give lots of encouragement and praise to the child for even trying even if he doesn't actually leave a token the toilet.

Potty Training Charts

All children are different some are very motivated by meeting goals and getting rewards and others aren't. But for those children that are motivated by goals and rewards using charts and stickers is a perfect way to help the potty training process move along.

To use a chart to help with potty training give your child a sticker for each time there is a successful trip to the bathroom. To help keep your child motivated you can also have small prizes for each time the chart is full of stickers. You can also have a larger prize for when potty training is complete. offers free potty training charts and stickers to print and use. Please visit the site today to get your free printouts.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Potty Training Targets

Make potty training fun with "Toilet Time Targets". These little targets work really well for boys but will also work for little girls too.

Toilet targets are a fun and a positive way to train children how to use the toilet. Put a potty target in your toilet with the "Aim" to sink the animal!

Potty or toilet targets are a great way to motivate children during potty training. You can also use cheerios because they float well.

This method of potty training works because it's fun and keeps them focused on the task at hand. This is also a great way to teach boys better "aim" which means less clean up for mom!